Just in case you’re wondering.

I’m your girl.


What you can expect?

You can expect to have someone there who has your back.

I’m your girl.

Who cares enough about you to make sure you get all the photos you could ever want or need after the day has come and gone.

I’m your girl.

I promise you your day will be amazing but there will be times when you get tired and not in the mood for “taking more photos” I will swoop in and make things easy.

I’m your girl.

I will make sure you get memories that are everything.



Family sessions make my heart go round. How can you not look at your kiddos and just smile? I believe in organic, easy photos that capture each little (or big) personality. 


I love my brides! My number one goal is to make things so easy YOU ACTUALLY enjoy your wedding! Click on the link below to find my FREE wedding guide to help make things a cinch!


This day is nothing short of amazing especially when you are treated like a complete rockstar. Hair, makeup and styling should always be included in your session, wouldn't you agree?



“We are a pretty easy going family who loves to laugh and have a great time. Brooke Richardson Anderson made having a group of six adults and four children (ages 4, 3, 2, and newborn) experience a great photo session. She is so good with the littles in making them feel a part of the experience and between the tears, the pouts, and the unexpected headstands on their part, the photos are perfect!. I am not particularly comfortable getting my picture taken and she made it so easy for me. Brooke is creative and natural in her ability and I highly recommend her for amazing photographs.”


Some things you might not know

  • I’m an energy drink junkie. As in I would give up any other vice in my life if it meant I could keep drinking them. When I was pregnant I never missed alcohol only energy drinks.

  • I love fuzzy socks. You know the kind that are a half an inch thick? I own over 30 pairs.

  • I once danced on stage the Jay Leno show in a contest and won. I was so nervous I couldn’t even understand what the producers where saying to me.

  • Before I had my baby I loved my dog so much. So much so that my husband questioned who came first in our relationship. hahahah I still laugh about it to this day.

  • Stand up comedy is my love language and for some reason my favorite genre is urban comedy.


Next up...

Stanley/Redfish, ID May 24th