I know it's cliche to say it but I'mma say it anyways! Becoming a momma is the best thing I've ever done! Our little "Mila Bug" also know as milasaurus, milakins, mean muggin mila, mila bear, hurricane mila, mila rose, and milan rose is just like her mama. The queen of classy but a little smart assey. 

Things I love in no particular order: sunshine but not heat, ice cubes in the shape of stars, fresh mint mojitos, oversizes sweatpants, sweettart rope candy, and of course my all time love.....ballerina buns. Must I go on? Just consider those the most important things in my life! 

Get to know me better if you'd like by following the blog portion of my website where I keep things fresh and never bull$*&% the truth. There I have tips and tricks on photography and styling as well bits and pieces of my personal life. 

I hope to meet you soon!


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