I know it's cliche to say it but I'mma say it anyways! Becoming a momma is the best thing I've ever done! Our little "Mila Bug" also know as milasaurus, milakins, mean muggin mila, mila bear, hurricane mila, mila rose, and milan rose is just like her mama. The queen of classy but also a little smart assey. 

Things I love in no particular order: sunshine but not heat, ice cubes in the shape of stars, fresh mint mojitos, oversizes sweatpants, 

I try and gather my thoughts and write them once a week on the blog portion of my website. I usually end up just conveying what a beautiful mess my real life usually is while expecting. Idaho is the name of the game with the Mr. and our dog named Max (aka mr. magoo, maxie pants, maxi man, maxers etc). I will be booking sessions but not shooting during my maternity leave from Jan 1st - April 1st, 2017. I will resume my shoot schedule on April 1st, so if you are looking to schedule contact me to set up a time! 

I'm an oxymoron in every sense. I love travel more than anything in the world but cannot live without the comforts of home, sometimes being content to staying back in the hotel at times during my trip. Silly I know. I'm bossy but sensitive. I love to buy stationary but seldom write. I am me and I own that.

My work is my life. Luckily for me my work life involves doing the one thing I love the most. Creating beautiful content. 

If we haven't met and you see my around please come say hi! It makes my day when people do.