So you’ve landed on my page which means I’ve told you to make sure you read my about me to check and see if we mesh! It means you’ll have the best experience with me if you know what I’m about.

I spend most of my free time at home with my Mila bug. I’m considered an introverted extrovert, which pretty much means that while I love being social on occasion I desperately need downtime to recharge. Most days I feel like it’s a total victory to not leave my house. I know I’m a total freak (monkey with hands on eyes emoji insert here) I mean but really who doesn’t want to stay in their sweats all day? You too?

I need to say this right now. I luuuuurv to sprinkle in a few naughty’s (curse words) when I talk. This doesn’t mean I am going to start every sentence with a swear word or scream profanities it in front of sweet ol’ granny at your wedding, but I can’t say I haven’t ever gotten a little to excited about getting an amazing shot and let it slip. Whether I say it my head or out loud (Oooopsies) Just know I’ll read my audience before letting it all hang out.

Something you don’t know about me: My other dream job would be to be a graphic designer. I think that’s also because I can stay in my sweats and work from home all day. Dude, are you beginning to see a theme here? I kinda like being in my sweat pants at home.

Ok so enough about me what about you?