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we are creating a unique shopping experience for our customers

by combining our customer base and inviting them to shop local for Christmas

We are asking for ONLY FIVE THINGS in return for hosting:

  1. $35 admission fee to participate and donation of $30+. This will cover the costs of venue. You will be responsible to bring your own small table no larger than 3’ x 3’

  2. You will need to offer a discount. Preferably a good one to help entice our customers to come and more importantly to BUY!

  3. Please share our event on all social media feeds! We are all in it to win it and really want this first event to be a success

  4. Have a good freakin attitude because after all didn’t we get to choose our professions because we LOVE what we do?

  5. You must man your booth & stay the entire time (5-8pm) We are asking that everyone is finished setting up no later than 4:30pm.


Please fill out the form below if you’re down with our 5 simple rules:

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our list of vendors include…








Q: Will there be food and yummy snacks to eat? A: Duh, we love food.

Q: Our the vendors we invited local? A: Yes! You could say local is our thang. We want creative, artistic, empowered women to sell their $H*&, pay their bills and have a good time meeting you all!

Q: Can I bring my kiddos? A: As much as we love our little we do ask that you keep it adults only since we’re in an area with high $$ art installations! Trust…we’d much rather have you there so you just do you boo!

Q: If I don’t like to have fun should I still come? A: NO! Just kidding we’ll melt your grinchy little heart with our off colored jokes and warm hugs

Q: What if I’m a vendor who would love to participate? A: As long as you’re you. The more the merrier! Email to get more information!