Personal Vacation to San Diego // Carlsbad, CA

We truly had the best time finding a new beach to visit each day, visiting the local Carlsbad farmers market, and stopping by the park for a swing here and there. It’s was the most laid back trip we’ve ever taken. I used to think it was necessary to bring her to all the big parks and attractions but I’ve come to realize she’s the happiest in the most simple settings. Just sticking our toes in the warm sand was enough to make us all content.



Hi I'm Jessica!

I'm 24 and live in Pocatello, ID with my husband, Brandon, and our two mini aussies, Luna and Kona. I graduated from ISU last year from the College of Business and work as the Marketing Director at a local healthcare management company. I CrossFit every day and run my small business in my "free time". I love all things happy, crafty, and thrifty. 

I started Happy Cactus as a way to connect with other women while creating items that can be cherished forever. I love hearing the sentimental stories behind every piece and seeing my creations on others! My motto for Happy Cactus is "happy looks beautiful on you" and my goal is to spread happiness through the pieces I create!

follow along on insta @happycactusbrand

follow along on insta @happycactusbrand


  1. Celebrity crush? This one is also my lady's CrossFit icon Brooke Ence. I got to work out with her and be in her vlog a few weeks ago!
  2. Khloe, Kim or Kortney Kardashian? Kortney
  3. Favorite TV show? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...or This is Us. Gets me every time.
  4. Coffee order? My home made latte with 2 shots of espresso!
  5. Superhero power? I can see the good in everything.
  6. Current song on repeat? Have Faith in Me by A Day to Remember
  7. Woman you most admire? My girl crush and celebrity crush...Brooke Ence :) 
  8. If you weren’t doing personal training, you’d be… aerial silks
  9. Go to recipe? chicken street tacos!
  10. Morning or night? MORNING!!
  11. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Boise or St. George
  12. Favorite color? currently...sage green
  13. Newest hobby? soldering rings!
  14. Hobby you’ve given up but miss? gymnastics
  15. Scariest moment of your life? In college I lived in an apartment with 5 other day a large man broke in through the back door and tried to get into our rooms..he eventually left when no one would open their doors but later we found out that he got arrested in an unrelated incident for stalking and assault. Scary to think what could have happened! 
  16. Favorite city? Princeville, Kauai
  17. Summer or winter? Summer all the way
  18. Favorite instagram account you follow? @twofakehands...these two ladies do the most random things using two barbie doll hands. It is hilarious.
  19. Nsync or Backstreet boys? back.street's.back.ALRIGHT!
  20. Words to live by? You can do anything, but not everything. It is my reminder to focus on the good things I am achieving daily rather than what else I want to (or feel like I "should") be doing. It is also a good reminder for me that it is okay to ask for help!




  • Celebrity crush? Mc'Dreamy all the way.
  • Khloe, Kim or Kortney Kardashian?  *crickets chirping*
  • Favorite TV show? Eat The World by Chef Emeril Lagasse or any food related show.
  • Coffee order? Not a coffee drinker but I love gourmet hazelnut hot chocolate, don't forget the cream!
  • Superhero power? To put a room back together with my wand like Dumbledore.
  • Current song on repeat? Frank Sinatra "The way you look tonight"
  • Woman you most admire? My mother and grandmother. They have both given their lives to their families. Worked hard to make sure everyone was always taken care of before themselves. Instilled in me a love and passion for food and how it brings us together.
  • If you weren’t cooking, you’d be…Netflix bing and watching Grey's Anatomy
  • Go to recipe? Crockpot teriyaki chicken over rice.
  • Morning or night? Night owl for life!
  • If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? A quiet small town near water.
  • Favorite color? White and neutrals are my go to, but I love muted blues.
  • Newest hobby? oil painting.
  • Hobby you’ve given up but miss? Taking candid pictures of my kids. I've got to get back at it!
  • Scariest moment of your life? When my water broke at home and I barely made it to the hospital in time for an unplanned natural delivery with my third baby.
  • Favorite city? Any place I'm traveling with my husband is my favorite city. Good food, good company... It's about the escape, right?
  • Summer or winter? Summer
  • Favorite instagram account you follow? I have so many favoites! But loving @thefauxmartha
  • Nsync or Backstreet boys? Nsync
  • Words to live by? Fuh-get about it.


Hi! I'm Emily!

I am passionate about art in all forms! I have discovered a deep love for cooking and baking for my husband, three young children, friends and family. Bright colors, wonderful scents,  fresh flavors and the ability to add creativity to my dishes, fills my soul with goodness. I believe that food connects people, and no matter our differences we can all find joy in sharing a good meal at the table together. 

 I am an introvert by nature and would choose to be home over anywhere else in the world. Give me all the cancelled plans, no school, Netflix and laundry, or grilling in the back yard with my man kind of days.

I love to surround myself with simple beauty, most commonly in the form of anything handmade! We recently moved into our home that my husband built by hand on nights and weekend for the last (almost) 2 years. Its been a huge sacrifice for our family, but we have learned to appreciate our time together more than anything. We love filling our home with vintage treasures, watercolor paintings from our children, second-hand furniture, and décor that has special meaning.


I like to have fun in the kitchen. You can't take cooking to seriously or you'll never enjoy it!

My resolution this year is to find joy in simplicity.  As I practice this goal, the noise and distraction in the world around me becomes quiet and I am able to focus more on what is most important. I look forward to teaching my children hard work in our new home. Together we want to plant a garden, harvest and store it, and learn to be more self reliant. If you'd like to follow along in our journey as we finish our home, create handmade beauty, plant a garden, and fill our kitchen with tasty dishes, please join us over on instragram @handmade.farmhouse