Selfishly one of the big reasons I head down south to shoot each year is to soak up the warm sunny weather in Phoenix, AZ. Plus it’s a total excuse to see me gal pal Kara and her beautiful family! Hands downs favs! Kara, is one of the most genuine, no drama, easy, friendships I have and I have to appreciate a girl on my level. Nothing ever seems to get her upset and while we always try and spend more than just a few hours together for some girl time it’s always such a whirlwind of planning, shooting, and shopping that sometime we fall short. Someday we are going to get it together! Until then keep on keepin’ on.

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Easter 2018

Besides the fact that I just showed you pics of our dirty house, Easter 2018 was perfect! Mila seemed to love the endless amount of attention and goodies sent her way. She even got the hang of picking up easter eggs and putting them in her basket (at least for 2 minutes) until she was off to the next thing. She got so many sweet outfits, stuffed piggies and ducks, and even a huge bubble machine from aunts and uncles it made us so grateful for all the good people in our lives. I hope your easter was awesome and you got to spent with the ones you love! xo