Have you ever scheduled family photos and then realized, "I now have to coordinate what to wear?!?." We've all been there whether it's a laid back family photo shoot or an upscale engagement session there's always a huge amount of pressure to wear the "right thing." 

From a photographers perspective, what my clients wear determines the whole feel and esthetic of the shoot. I hate to say this but what you wear MATTERS! Here are some tips to help ease the process:

1. HIRE A STYLIST! We have one available who can style you personally or your whole family! Think about the stress that would relieve to walk in and not even have to think about what you're wearing for the shoot! You're paying a decent amount of money for photos why not make them PERFECT?

2. PLAN AHEAD! Most people procrastinate leaving little time to get the right top in order for sister to match everyone else in the family. Order or buy all clothing accessories way ahead of time. Nobody wants to be panic shopping at 12am or pay an obscene amount on overnight shipping.

3. SAY NO  TO MATCHY, MATCHY! Many people make the mistake of wanting everyone to match leaving little to the imagination and lending even less creative inspiration to the shoot. Pick color and patterns that compliment each other. You can also pair loud prints with solids or visa versa. Don't be afraid to experiment. 

4. LAYERS ARE ALWAYS A GOOD THING! I personally love layers, they give even the most basic photo some interest. Many people look better with more going on taking the eye to multiple places in the photo. 

5. RELAX! Choose clothing that is comfortable and moveable. I won't lie a long Maxi dress or flowy skirt makes my heart skip a beat. Things that I can use to get movement in a photo are so helpful not to mention you will want to be comfortable when you play with your kids or go in for a sweeping kiss with your sweetheart!

Click on this link at Pear Salad to see the cutest look boards you ever did see! 


Here are 5 random facts you might not know about me:

1. I'm addicted to stationary. Yep that's right I buy it no matter what the occasion and regardless of the fact that I have a thousand pieces at home I buy more.

2. I"m a food hoarder. Some people collect clothing, textiles, baseball cards, etc, I collect food! You will never come into my home and see an empty cupboard or a desolate fridge.

3. I'm a complete home body. Ok, if you knew me even a little you would definitely know that by now. But here's the thing, I LOVE to travel. Which makes me an oxymoron right? 

4. I love wi-fi like it's a sickness. I rarely travel anywhere without it. I love/hate that about myself. I've been working really hard lately on staying disconnected during certain parts of the day. 

5. If I were to go back to school I would go into graphic design. It's something I am passionate about but has little to do with natural talent. It it something I have to work at, but at the same time I get so much satisfaction from it.