makeup by amanda frost beauty

makeup by amanda frost beauty

"I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces." Who said that originally? Puff Daddy?

photos by whitney richardson photography

photos by whitney richardson photography

Anyway, that's how I'd define my aesthetic foundation. I've lived and loved so many places. London, Nantucket; Indiana, California; city life, sea towns. I've always had wanderlust before the new-aged hippies came along and gave it some contextual meaning for me.

I believe that while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's also universal. It crosses borders and builds bridges. I love to create beauty- whether it's a lovely living room, or a lifelong friendship. Maybe that has something to do with my four children. They are the best part of me on this Earth. I have been married since 2006 to my 8th grade crush-turned-husband, Stephen. In the words of OMI "I think that I've found myself a cheerleader." He's my best friend and biggest support. He has given me the wings to pursue my lofty goals.

I'm inspired by the 'go-getters', 'get-er-doners' and those that have an original perspective. Whether it's home design, fashion, or any other medium, I firmly believe that if you love it, it will work. I try to create spaces for people that allow them to breathe, to connect, and to love.  Love always works.


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Here are 5 random facts you might not know about me:

1. I'm addicted to stationary. Yep that's right I buy it no matter what the occasion and regardless of the fact that I have a thousand pieces at home I buy more.

2. I"m a food hoarder. Some people collect clothing, textiles, baseball cards, etc, I collect food! You will never come into my home and see an empty cupboard or a desolate fridge.

3. I'm a complete home body. Ok, if you knew me even a little you would definitely know that by now. But here's the thing, I LOVE to travel. Which makes me an oxymoron right? 

4. I love wi-fi like it's a sickness. I rarely travel anywhere without it. I love/hate that about myself. I've been working really hard lately on staying disconnected during certain parts of the day. 

5. If I were to go back to school I would go into graphic design. It's something I am passionate about but has little to do with natural talent. It it something I have to work at, but at the same time I get so much satisfaction from it.