What are you thoughts on travel? Are you a nomad at heart or a homebody like me? Part of me wants to explore the world and the other half would be content being part of "The Wolfpack

I think the key to travel is being comfortable while you are on the road, whether it be bringing your favorite pillow or packing your lucky pair of socks! Find a way to pack what's important to you. 

Apps are definitely there to make our lives so much easier! My favorite lists app is called I've tried it all and I love it because a. you can make multiple lists but also, b. because you can share your lists with others, which is especially handy for grocery or work lists. I like to always keep a packing list in there so that each time I pack I have a general idea of my basic needs and prevents me from forgetting the necessities. I can also add to my list anytime I think of something new by simply reaching for my phone and adding to there. 

Hope this helps!