I thought mentoring wasn't my thing. I mean who am I to teach someone else? 

I received a message one day from a sweet girl named Abbey that I once took photos of asking me if I'd be willing to mentor her. At this point, why not? Obviously with hours and hours and hours of shoot time under my belt, I could surly share a thing or two of what I've learned along the way. 

The session ended as quickly as it began. I wanted to teach her everything I knew about photography and all the countless mistakes I had made along the way (and yes my friends, there were and still are a lot of mistakes!) I wanted to help her in a way I wished that someone would have helped me. I wanted to hit home the importance of the business side of the industry. Not only is it important to hone your craft but it is equally as important to master the business side of the industry. After all if you don't have any business coming through your doors, then what you have is a very expensive hobby. 

Walking away from my session that day I realized something so very important. I realized that I needed Abbey in my life as much as she needed me. Her enthusiasm and passion for her photos was something that sparked a fire in me and I knew we had not crossed paths by coincidence. The more time passes the more our friendship grows and I have yet another friend and colleague to add to my ever growing list.

Thank you Abbs for making me grow in ways I didn't know I could or would. You've made unbelievable progress and it's so exciting watching you take the world by storm! Get it girlfriend!