Some days are just harder than others especially being a creative entrepreneur. I've been thinking so much about what motivates me and what actually makes me happy. 2016 has been a year of realizations and strategies on living a happy, fulfilled life. I'm not perfect. I'm not even close to being there but I am determined and that is actually the real secret to success. I listen to so many motivational speakers including Tony Robbins, Jasmine Star, and Brian Tracy on how to be happy AND successful. Success isn't worth anything if you are not happy.  

After taking on a mentoring session with another talented photographer last week I've decided, while I may not have all the answers I think the key to it all is sharing what I do know. Tony Robbins is a huge advocate of giving back and how that actually brings true happiness. 

Here is some material including, videos, reading, and visual that helps keep me on track, even on those days I'm not feeling so stellar about my work or the direction my life is going. The key is KEEP GOING!  Success is simple.....true grit.

photos taken by Whitney Richardson 

photos taken by Whitney Richardson 

I love listening to things while I'm edited or working. You may be a different type of learner but I've found that this works best for me. Here are a few sources I love and listen to on the daily.

CREATIVE LIVE- perfect of creatives entrepreneurs

TED TALKS- TONY ROBBINS- perfect for anyone. They have a variety of different subjects and speakers. 

JASMINE STAR BLOG- targeted towards photographers specifically. 

Hope this helps you all! Please feel free to share your experiences!