Surely I can't be the only person out there feeling some sort of struggle? I've decided to make a small tweak in my social media outlets by bringing some realness to the table and expressing some of my fears, happiness and the overall rollercoaster of life. Are you like me in that the busier you are (like lose your damn mind busy) the happier you are? Sometimes I struggle during the more quiet times of the season. So instead of wallowing in self pity I've decided to make my own happiness.  Happiness is a choice and sometime it's not an easy one but I think we all want to experience the life  we have in a positive, happy way. Follow me in the 30 day challenge I've given myself for #makeyourownhappy on instagram @brookerichardsonphotography I'll be posting tips and ideas that have personally helped make my life a happy one. if you want to join me just use the #makeyourownhappy so we can all follow along and help each other along at this thing called life. Cheers to happiness! 

photos taken by Whitney Richardson (seester)