Abby // SFX special effects makeup Pocatello, ID

This was such a fun shoot I did while mentoring with Kaity Braswell. She was schooling me on special effects makeup. I was teaching her how to use her camera. What a talented, special girl she is, just take a look at this gruesomely beautiful masterpiece.

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Gabby // Senior

How do you get any more beautiful than this girl? Regardless of how she looks tho, she’s even more kind and sweet inside. It’s fun to spend time with my girls to get to know who they are, what they dream of doing in their lives, and how these shoots can actually make a difference in their self confidence and the lens they view themselves with. Gabby you truly are a gem! xo

Makeup by Amanda Frost Beauty

Hair and styling by Whitney Richardson

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Hi, I’m Annie! I’ve always had a passion for creating things with my own two hands which has lead me to this incredible time in my life where I am blessed to be able to make jewelry every day!  As a child I would constantly doodle in my notebooks.  One morning as my mother was dropping me off to school she said that one day we would have our own jewelry business and that I would be the Artist and she would be the Alchemist.  I am so grateful that this dream has finally come true.  I have named my jewelry line Artist and the Alchemist in honor of my mother.  

I started creating jewelry because I couldn’t jewelry that fit my style.  For me, I love delicate, small but timeless quality pieces.  I started out making jewelry for just myself, then quickly my friends wanted it and then their friends as well.  I now sell my jewelry in boutiques in four states and nationwide and in Canada online!  What a dream come true!  When I am able to create, it fills my soul and I didn’t think I could possibly be happier.  That was until I found out one more part of this business that never crossed my mind, the women to receive these gifts.  Watching their faces as they open their brand new handmade piece and seeing them absolutely glow when they put it on because they feel beautiful in it.  I never knew that my tiny little arts and crafts obsession would one day make someone feel so bold, beautiful and confident and that is hands down my favorite part of this whole wild thing I get to call a “job”.  I love it and couldn’t be happier!




  1. Celebrity crush? Liam and Chris Hemsworth hands down!  I can’t pick one or the other.
  2. Khloe, Kim or Kortney Kardashian? The older I get the more I like Kourtney, I just can’t be bothered and want a salad. 
  3. Favorite TV show?  The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family for sure. 
  4. Coffee order?  If it’s good quality I always get black. 
  5. Superhero power?  To be able to make flowers grow at any moment.  Who doesn’t love flowers?!  I really think they could solve world peace.  Or maybe I just want flowers all the time ;)  
  6. Current song on repeat?  Female by Keith Urban
  7. Woman you most admire?  All women.  We are a strong force and I love watching women rule the world. 
  8. If you weren’t doing jewelry, you’d be… taking a nap! Just kidding  I always wanted to be a ranger for a national park so that I had access to explore untouched land. 
  9. Go to recipe?  I have a Holy Grail recipe book from my little Italian grandmother of her mothers recipes.  A very well known Italian restaurant in Pocatello uses these recipes and I have to stop there every time I’m in town!
  10. Morning or night?  Both!
  11. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?  I think I would stay in Orange County, California.  I have everything I could ever want here 
  12. Favorite color?  Gold!
  13. Newest hobby?  Lapidary.  I am newly part of a gem and mineral society and totally love it.
  14. Hobby you’ve given up but miss?  Painting
  15. Scariest moment of your life?  Every time I try something new, the unknown!  The unknown is good though, that’s where you learn and grow. 
  16. Favorite city?  Laguna beach, California simply because they have my favorite beaches.  
  17. Summer or winter? Summer for sure.
  18. Favorite instagram account you follow? My girl @brookerichardsonphotography  I love art that makes you feel so deep you feel like you’re there and Brooke nails that in every photo.  I don’t just see a picture, I feel it. 
  19. Nsync or Backstreet boys? Nsync! Basically just gimme some JT!
  20. Words to live by?  Be a sunbeam, radiate warmth and warm all souls with your light.

How to style on a budget

black and white top.jpg

It's not that I don't believe in spending money on clothing but it's just so hard for me to justify spending lots of money on cool threads that aren't even my size. Thus a solution was formed. 

I've always been a huge fan of thrift shopping. Some of my most favorite clothing are the little gems hanging on the rack at goodwill for just a few bucks. Although I will warn you, when shopping for finds whether for you or your model, YOU NEED TO BE PICKY!

Step 1..........Try not to buy because it's a good deal

I used to find myself with load of clothing feeling the need to buy simply because it was a deal I could not pass up. Boy was I wrong. Pretty soon I was up to my ears with so called "cool finds" that never gotten warn because instead of loving the clothing I bought because of the deal

Step 2..........Keep it simple

Most people when styling want to incorporate everything including the kitchen sink. While it may work for some looks, many distract from the overall message of the look.

Step 3..........Buy clothing that compliments what you already have at home

Many times I have my model bring a list of basic clothing and accessories including different types of pants, different bras and certain shoes. By purchasing clothing that is versatile which can be worn with different types of looks you can really make your dollar stretch!