Personal Vacation to San Diego // Carlsbad, CA

We truly had the best time finding a new beach to visit each day, visiting the local Carlsbad farmers market, and stopping by the park for a swing here and there. It’s was the most laid back trip we’ve ever taken. I used to think it was necessary to bring her to all the big parks and attractions but I’ve come to realize she’s the happiest in the most simple settings. Just sticking our toes in the warm sand was enough to make us all content.


ZERO editing. Just know that is not normal for boudoirs. I just really wanted to shoot them RAW and make a point that I am willing to put myself out there. Me a year ago would have defiantly tweaked all of these photos to make my body look a certain way. Me now says f*&% it I am who I am. I’m not a size 0 (try a size 8/9) I’m a normal girl with the only body I know. I can’t even say normal body because there IS NO SUCH THING. I have stretch marks, scares, blemishes, moles, all the things. Love me or hate me, this is who I am.

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What I collect when we travel

Brooke_4th of July-9443.jpg

Some people collect shot glasses, t-shirts, hats, pins, postcards, you name it! I've spent a lot of time traveling with the bug since she was tiny and I wanted to find something that we could collect that she would actually enjoy using while also learning about the places we've visited. Our home is super small so it definitely couldn't be something that took up a lot of space. 

Hence the book idea. 

Sometimes it's not the easiest task but we've always found something that has related to where we've gone! We usually have the best luck in quaint little gift shops that pop up along the way.