Abby // SFX special effects makeup Pocatello, ID

This was such a fun shoot I did while mentoring with Kaity Braswell. She was schooling me on special effects makeup. I was teaching her how to use her camera. What a talented, special girl she is, just take a look at this gruesomely beautiful masterpiece.

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Who’s my Galentine you ask? My sis, over at the Nativist. See all the photos from our last photo shoot! xo

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One of the funnest, creative, magical v-day shoots from a few years ago with the amazing Amanda Frost Beauty and Whitney Richardson Photography/styling. I can't believe how many creative shoots I did for fun and enjoyment. I need to do more for sure, just let me find the time!!!!!


The most incredible halloween shoot to date was also the most simple, well though out concept I've been a part of. When Whitney, my sis, asked me to do this months ago of course I said yes! Who wouldnt want to work with their favorite people in the whole world? Amanda Frost Beauty, Whitney Richardson Photography, and Chantelle Ackerman of Theory Salon should really be receiving all the credit especially when I just had to show up and shoot! Thank you again you guys for always slaying whatever you do! 

Overall concept and styling by Whitney Richardson Photography

Makeup by Amanda Frost Beauty

Model Chantelle Ackerman


I have to admit I I did nothing but cheat on this shoot. I had a senior to shoot that day so I was barely able to make it to this event. Coming to the group shootout during the last 10 minutes before they wrapped up had me very appreciative of all the hard work and vision that was done to prepare. HUGE thanks to all you who did so much to make magic! xo

Makeup and creative genius behind the shoot: Brianne Kammerman

Model: Danica Ash Hull