Ang is truly a gem and being around her is like soaking in 1,000 rays of sunshine all at once while sipping on a tasty mint mojito on the beach. She’s always kind to everyone around her and see’s the good in other women which can be hard to do unless your a confident person. I really try and be more like her in every way possible.

The last few days leading up to this shoot was rough, it meant dealing with one of her girls getting a last minute virus that made her skin break out in a red blotchy rash and the stress of that coupled with all the family events she had going on that week was a little overwhelming. We thought about cancelling the family shoot all together and go with the original plan of shooting her second eldest, Gwen for her baptism but I’m sure glad we decided to capture them all. What a dream family. I’m honored you asked me dear friend. xo