Of course when it's your first born's birthday you loose your mind and go absolutely bananas. I'm not sure this will happen again for a very long time since the stress almost ate me alive BUT I can honestly look back and say everything worked out and we had an amazing time!

The one thing I was really freaking excited about was the cookies by Terra Moon! She was so sweet and insanely talented at what she does. If you need cookies made for ANY occasion she's definitely the go to for all things cookies! We also had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Harkness Hotel in McCammon Idaho. Everything they do is stylish and luxurious. From their fully equipped suites to their beautiful re-done hotel lobby, this is the place to be. 

I searched everywhere for invites. Specifically for her theme which was a "Swan Soirée" Since I turned up with NOTHING (angry face emoji) I decided to decide them on my own! I even did a matching Thank you card shown at the end! 

Thank you all to made this little bug's birthday so very special! We love you guys! 

Front of invite

Back of invite