Baby girl has a name! I've always known her name even before we found out if she was a boy or a girl. I guess you could call it a mother's intuition.

We will be naming her Milan Rose Anderson, calling her "Mila" for short. We are both from Italian bloodlines so naturally we chose a name that would both suite our roots as well as our taste. I've always wanted to name my babies (cross your fingers there will be one more) after cities in Italy.

I just looked at our app today and I'm officially 36 weeks today! Sayyyyyyyy WHAT? I'm excited and scared all wrapped into one. I feel like there is something about getting closer to meeting baby that stirs up excitement and a large helping of bravery. The bravery party is of course the only thing carrying me to the finish line. That and I don't have a choice (laughing emoji insert here)

I'm sorry that photos have been a bit sparse lately. I know you other mama's feel me when I say it's really hard to find the motivation to take pics during the heaviest time in my pregnancy and quite frankly my life. I realize the reason for the 20lb weight gain however I'm certainly not standing in line to be America's Next Top Plus size model. I'm going to try really hard to take a few pics tho, before baby comes. If not just to look back and see the journey.