I still can't believe I'm almost have way through pregnancy. Now I'm just scared for delivery. eeeek.

Ran into a friend the other day at the donut shop, a now frequent visit for me. I say I'm using them for photo shoots but really I'm getting my fix. She has always been so encouraging and honest about motherhood. Something I've really grown to appreciate the past few months. She said something that resonated with me. "Pregnancy is the most fantastically miserable experience, totally worth it tho!!!!!" ha ha how true that is!

I need to start thinking about the baby shower. Even tho sis has it covered party wise I do need to start a list of what I need/want. The thought of opening presents in front of a group of people makes me breaks out in hives and want to vomit. Oh how uncomfortable it is to be the center of attention! People who know me think that I'm super outgoing and I am to a point but I'm also an introvert in so many ways.

Where did you go to get a baseline for the small things you'll need for your first baby? Websites? past baby shower registry lists? Help I'm lost and I'm not afraid to admit it. Also any fun ideas for a baby shower? If it were up to me I'd book a suite at the Grand America and have a sleep over, wake up the next day in our matching jammies and have brunch together. Now that sounds fun!