NYC Diaries Part 1

To say we were exhausted yesterday was the biggest understatement of the year. I had completely hit a wall of total fatigue after our wedding in Syracuse, NY. Of course we arrived on the most beautiful fall day and nothing on my body felt good. All my mind wanted to do was walk around and see the city until dark and all my body wanted to do was shower and sleep until next week. So I compromised. First we took a stroll down for coffee and a short walk in the park to scout out some places for our shoots today. Afterwards we got take out at this killer Thai restaurant a few blocks away from our apartment called Thai Up

If you travel to larger cities take advantage of yelp it's invaluable for finding good restaurants nearby by price, customer ratings, and type of food you are looking for. Great food coupled with european chocolate and can of ginger ale we picked up at a local market on the way home and you've got the perfect night in. Follow me on insta @brookerichardsonphotography to see our entire adventure!