Well I'm happy to report I've acted like a 3 year old child this week, with full blown tantrums and crying fits. I think I'll fit right in when this kid comes. At this rate there is no doubt in my mind we'll both be crying together just trying to survive. 

Aside from the crazy hormones, I'm happy to tell you we've found a crib, dresser, AND a glider! Oh and they are all "Heather" approved! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Heather is my designer and style guru, she keeps me on track and has the best ideas on everything. I'll introduce you soon!

Anyways back to........I just thought we would never find the elusive "perfect nursery chair". It is the one item on my list that must be PERFECT. It's also the one item I would forgo a large amount of style in the name of comfort. 

When searching for it there were four things it needed to be before I would even consider a purchase. Here they are:

  1. Comfortable and furthermore it needed to be oversized
  2. It needed to rock or glide or BOTH
  3. It must recline, and I mean like all the way flat. I know I"ll be spending many a sleepless nights in that bad boy and I need it to deliver.
  4. Although there ain't nothing wrong with lazy boy recliners and they do serve there purpose, I really wanted a chair that was both chic and comfortable. So it needed to look good! Duh!