Things seem to have gotten much better since the last time we spoke, or more accurately, I spoke. I want to tell all you moms out there.....I get it. Now that I feel the baby more frequently and with much more intensity it's gotten me focused less on my body image and more on the actual excitement that comes with having a baby. I can honestly say this week I have loved being pregnant. 

I know I'm a little early but I'm really hoping we will be able to find out the gender this next week. We will be over 17 weeks and not quite sure if I can take anymore of not knowing. I'm a bit frustrated because when I called the Women's Clinic, I'm seeing the midwives, they told me I could not have an ultra sound at my visit this next week. They told me that I would need to wait until 20 weeks exactly. Is that normal? I feel like so many others have had ultra sounds earlier than 20 weeks in hopes of either seeing the baby or finding out the gender. Do you think that's odd? 

Regardless, if there is one thing about me, (good and bad) I am like a dog on a bone. I will call and persist until I get what I want. Pretty soon they'll be asking me to give me an ultra sound just to shut me up. Bottom line I would be the one paying for it so why not?

What do you mama's think?