photographs taken by whitney richardson

photographs taken by whitney richardson

Given that I just downed a very sugary, delicious blended boba tea now might not be the right time to talk about how wonderful maternity is treating me. I want to do two things right now: and that is to ralph so my tummy feels better and go back to bed. Neither of which I have the luxery of doing with the amount of work on my plate. Such is life. 

I do however want to document just a bit of my pregnancy since I'm a first time mom and I am experiencing everything for the very first time. So far I've been one of the lucky ones, rarely do I feel so nauseous that I can't work or function nor do I have any of the typical pregnancy symptoms such as a sensitivity to smells, crying, or tenderness of my body parts. Most of my symptoms are based solely around what I eat. If I eat well I feel great, if I eat bad I feel bad.

I think the only thing that bothers me the most about pregnancy is that I'm just scared. I'm not scared to be a mom or take on such huge responsibility. I'm scared to have my baby. I'm just hoping that by the time it's time to deliver I will be so anxious to meet him/her and so uncomfortable in my body that I will do just about anything to cross that bridge. I'm scared to gain enormous amounts of weight and how hard will that be to get off. I'm scared that my relationship with my husband will change. We've been so good for so long with the two of us will three rock the boat? And i'm scared my relationship with working will change. I do too much already how will I keep my schedule going AB (after baby)

I know your right tho, all these things will work themselves out. In the meantime I'll keep snapping photos of my growing bump and telling you guys all about my crazy feelings. You're in for a wild ride.