The original reason I came to San Diego was due mostly to the fact that I am growing my business and plan on traveling much more with photography. I want to see the world so why not work while doing it? 

There is just something about a girls trip that that makes life that much better and although we weren't able to round up the whole posse, we def killed the San Diego scene with just the three of us! 

If you or someone you know is planning a trip to So Cal, here are some really great places to hit up:

1. Balboa Park-thee best place to see so much without driving everywhere to see it! From oriental gardens to the zoo, you won't want to miss this one! We suggest renting a 3-4 person bike for the day and covering the whole grounds.  I've never laughed trying to ride that thing!

2. Laguna Beach- This place reminds me a lot of Sun Valley but California style.  Very wealthy but still quaint and uniquely beautiful. The beach there was my fav mostly due the huge cliffs and stood between the ocean and downtown. 

3. Laguna Coffee- BEST and I mean thee best coffee and sandwiches ever! So damn good!

4. Union Kitchen- Awesome place for brunch with a killer atmosphere in Encinitas.

5. Buccaneer Beach- Where I shot many of my sessions while I was there. It was a ways away from San Diego but well worth the drive.

6. Georges At The Cove- My all time favorite meal on the trip was here. I had the gnocchi with shrimp, squash, and the mushrooms that melted in your mouth. While the drinks tasted good they were definitely not worth paying for the alcohol in them. Thank goodness the food made up for it ten fold and the view from the balcony deck was top notch!

Honestly tho the list could go on and on and on!