There are times in your life where you focus solely on being present. This was definitely one of those times! We attended this years annual WPPI photography conference held at the MGM Grand hotel and casino in Sunny Las Vegas. There were so many amazingly talented people and huge names there that is was impossible not to get a little overwhelmed.

Most days we walked anywhere between 9-12 miles! Our poor feet!!!!! They were not happy with us by the end of the day.  But in typical Brookie fashion, I almost always schedule a short siesta during all my vacations. You should try it! It's the best thing to help get some rest and rejuvenate your bod to help get back at it after a few hours.  

All in all this was a fabulous trip with so much valuable education and real life information we are definitely planning on coming back next year! I'm just so damn lucky I get to experience everything with my bestie and sissy!