photos by abbey armstrong

photos by abbey armstrong

So far so good. 

Things have been crazy busy with more photo jobs than I could ever imagine and a happy healthy baby. I know I've mentioned before that we've had a bump in the road with this pregnancy and really, I wasn't ready to open up about it publicly until now.

We have a issue that's called velamentous cord insertion. A mouthful I know right? I can't even remember half the time how to pronounce it but I do know that it's no bueno. Oh and it only shows up in less than 2% of pregnancies....lucky me. You can click on the link above to read more or I can give you the shortened version: It's pretty much where the umbilical cord connects to the placenta in the wrong place. The connection is also not as strong as it should be because instead of connection being in the middle it is connected on the side. 

The good news is that baby is doing just fine and that there is a chance that this could correct by itself. The bad news is that if I go into labor earlier than 40 weeks that might be troublesome since that connection could sever and baby could bleed out. 

The first few times I looked it up I was devastating and I would cry each time I thought about carrying baby to full term and then losing her. To be honest with you it may be part of the reason that I don't set up the baby furniture just yet. I don't want that reminder in case something horrible happens. Right now tho, my gut tells me that things are going to be alright and that is something I've always learned to trust.

So for now we wait, enjoy where we are at and plan for the future with baby. I must say I am pretty excited to meet the little girl that's been kicking me all this time.