photos by whitney richardson

photos by whitney richardson

I'm loving pregnancy in so many ways but now that I'm further along and closer to the due date rather than conception I'm sort of freaking out. Crying has been a thing of mine lately which is strange especially when I've been pretty even kill emotionally. 

I do use an essential oil from do-terra called "clary calm" every night before bed and that seems to keep me from acting like a maniac and being super emotional all the time. I know it's been working for me because I really don't feel a whole lot different emotionally than from not being pregnant. 

Anyways back to delivery.  When I first found out I was pregnant I cried every morning by myself and hardly slept with severe anxiety over having a baby.  Its not that I don't want her I just don't want to HAVE her. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I'm just really scared and I always have been. Oh and I'm really tired of hearing all the bad horror stories especially after I open up about myself being so terrified of delivery. I'm not sure why some mom's think it's funny to tell me about them. Here's what I'm working with people:

"Millions of women have done it"

my reply: clearly but did you ever stop and think that at that point they might not have a choice? Once you are in it girlfran there's no turning back.

"you're not going to die"

my reply: well I probably won't die falling down a flight of stairs and breaking my leg, but why would I ever want to go through that? NO

Ok I'm going to take my feisty little Italian self and go about my business for the day!